How to upgrade to your next property without worrying about cash flow?

How my clients did it safely without painful wait and financial stress


What my clients say

She has very good industry knowledge and is very good at following up with the seller and as well as with the buyer.

– Lalitha Saminathan, Condo Buyer

She addressed my queries with a balanced perspective, carefully considering both historical trends and potential market outlook.

– James Liung, Home Buyer

She is easy to work with, and never fails to go the extra mile even in the most challenging of situations

Celine, Tenant-turned landlord

Why work with Glenda?

Hi, my name is Glenda, I have served more than 350 Singapore residents to upgrade and right-size their homes for the past 9 years.

Whether it's making safe investments with a suitable plan catered to your needs and goals or helping you to retire comfortably, I am on a mission to help more homeowners like you.

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Before they met me, most homeowners were worried if they could sell and buy their new property in time.

Most people don’t want the hassle of renting or finding alternative places to stay temporarily.

Most of us have many requirements when it comes to finding properties:

✔️ Specific budget

✔️ Location

✔️ Proximity to school, etc

Hence, it can be challenging to find the most suitable property on time.

What’s more, with property prices skyrocketing now, it can be tough to find properties that do not need you to pay cash over valuation.

So can you really afford the condo you are eyeing? Calculate below.

If you are buying your new place before you sell your existing property, you may also be dressed about the timeline – as you need to sell it within 6 months to qualify for ABSD remission.

And this is why I am here for you.

Over the past years, I have successfully:

✔️ Helped more than 111 clients manage their tight timeline

✔️ So that they could maximise the potential of their existing properties

✔️ And successfully upgrade to a better lifestyle.

How can you upgrade to your next property without worrying about cash flow?

With proper planning, upgrading to private property doesn’t need to be too costly or difficult. I'm here to help you sell your home at a better price so you potentially don't need to fork out too much cash.

I help you manage your timeline between selling and buying, so you can potentially save up to 6 figures.

I understand it is very stressful to manage the timeline between selling your existing property and buying your next home. With proper planning, you can potentially save 5-6 figures.

Using my framework, I have helped my clients sell over 111 properties within 1-3 months of exercising their Option to Purchase (OTP) for their new home.

I have good systems and processes in place to cater to your needs.

Leave the stressful work to me so you can focus on shopping for your new home.

I share insights with you

Unsure if you are getting a good deal for your next property? What's the potential growth of your property and its location? I will share my expert insights with you so you can make an informed decision.

I have step-by-step processes

Unsure about your property valuation, whether you are choosing the right property or not sure if you are doing your budgeting right? I will help you do the necessary backend work and work with you on your financial planning so you don't overstretch your budget.

No hidden fees

I will share my charges with you upfront and what my service entails. There are no extra or hidden charges.

Need help to source for your next property?

Reach out to me for a free financial analysis.

More than 70% of HDB homeowners don't realise the full potential of their existing property

Here's how I helped one couple sell their property at $45,000 higher than their neighbours.

Case Study - sell their property at $45,000 more than their neighbours - Siju and wife with Glenda

When Mr and Mrs Siju were referred to me by their trusted friends, they have already been considering upgrading their 5-room HDB to a 4-bedroom condo for 2 years.

We ran through a financial analysis on our first meet-up and discussed how we could achieve their goals of finding the right home within their budget that meets their needs in terms of size, price, view and timeline. They needed to sell and buy without affecting their children's major exams. I did not rush them and they found me professional and trustworthy. I marketed his unit only when they were ready.

Within 2 days of marketing their property, we got 2 quality viewings and sold their flat at $45,000 higher than their neighbours, so they could upgrade successfully without forking out too much from their savings.

More than 95% of my clients' properties are sold within 3 months.

Before this homeowner met me, she had not been receiving a good offer for her HDB flat for 2 years. Here's how I helped her sell it in one week at a better price.

Before getting to know me, this homeowner had been marketing her 3-room HDB flat unsuccessfully with her previous agent for 2 years. A client referred me to her, and after I surveyed her home, I gave my honest opinion and advised her on how she could improve the lighting in her house, and also took some photos and videos at different angles to improve the first impression it could give potential home buyers. Within one week, the unit was sold and the homeowner was very happy that she could move on to her next home.

Case Study - sell their property at $45,000 more than their neighbours - Siju and wife with Glenda

Sometimes, life hits us hard and we need to right-size for our needs.

Here's how I helped one couple right-size to generate enough cash flow.

Mr and Mrs Eng upgraded from a HDB to a resale condo in 2017 and were paying partial cash and CPF for their condo mortgage. Due to the unforeseen circumstances caused by Covid-19, they ran into cash flow problems in their business. Fortunately, because of the condo they owned, they were sitting on a good sum of cash proceeds. After some financial checks, they decided to sell their condo and cash out. Not only were they able to use the proceeds to buy a fully paid HDB after that, but they were also able to use the spare funds for their business as well as cash savings. If they hadn't upgraded from their HDB, could they still be struggling with their cash flow issues?

Need advice and insights on selling your property?

Reach out to me for a detailed assessment.

96% of my clients are long-term clients. They return to work with me to buy, sell and rent out their properties.

Glenda helped us in viewing a couple of units. She has very good industry knowledge and is very good at following up with the seller and as well as with the buyer. We finalised a unit and were able to buy the property with Glenda's help. She is very kind and has a very good attitude.

– Lalitha Saminathan, Home Buyer

I have been working with Glenda since 2015. She has been absolutely amazing and going above and beyond what she was supposed to do for us. Currently, we are in the apartment she has sourced for us and every time our experience with her has been extremely satisfying. She displays a very rare kind of ownership and has even helped us solve problems with the units which clearly she was not obligated to do so. Over the years, she has become more of a friend than just an agent and she is a person on whom we can absolutely depend. We wish Glenda all the very best and we would be using her services in all our property transactions in future.

– Rupam Deb, Tenant. Co-Founder & Director of MoneyWiseSmart

Glenda is an amazing real estate agent who is highly knowledgeable, analytical and diligent. She addressed my queries with a balanced perspective, carefully considering both historical trends and potential market outlook. She is also very patient and understanding as this was my first home so there were a lot of things that I was not aware of and that's where she value adds to fill the gap.

James Liung, Home Buyer

I got to know Glenda when we purchased our investment property she was marketing. We continued to engage her as our agent to help us rent out the unit. She has always been reliable and handled our tenancy professionally. After 4 years, she sold our investment unit and set a new record high for this unit type and also sold my 4-Room HDB flat at the highest price in my block and probably my neighbourhood. I would highly recommend her services.

– Lee Cai Jie, Homeowner

I have known Glenda since 2016, in the capacities of both tenant and a landlord. I first met Glenda when I was looking to rent an apartment for my family, and was immediately impressed by her professionalism, business acumen and attention to detail. Later, when I was leasing out my own apartment, I engaged Glenda to represent me and have been doing so ever since. One sure thing about Glenda – she has always exceeded expectations with her experience in the field and ability to close fast, even before lease expiry. She is easy to work with, and never fails to go the extra mile even in the most challenging of situations, A big thank you, Glenda, for your support and giving me the peace of mind to sleep well at night :)

Celine, Landlord

I must say I am in good hands under Glenda. We managed to successfully sell our house only over a span of two weekends' viewing. It's much faster than we expected. Her pool of resources and her expertise would be able to address your concerns and needs.

– Giam, Homeowner

I'm totally impressed with Glenda's service. She is very professional, effective and efficient in marketing my property and has given me good advice for my HDB flat with amazing results. Her photographs and videos of my home were amazing, much better than many others I've seen. I value her clear explanations and patience with me, going through every step of the way made the whole process stress-free. She has exceeded my expectations and we got a buyer within days. A very big THANK YOU, Glenda. I'm a happy and satisfied client who will not hesitate to recommend your services when an opportunity comes my way.

– Homeowner (prefers to remain anonymous)

Here’s how I help you sell your property more quickly at your desired price or higher


I analyse and help you price your property based on proprietary and historical data.


Everyone loves to step into an Instagram-worthy home. I give you recommendations to help you declutter and beautify your home to attract potential buyers on social media.

Digital marketing

Gone are the days of just listing your property on property sites to market your home. I take social media-friendly photos to also do advertisements on social media, as well as home tour videos for certain properties to attract potential buyers.

Market to the right audience

No more wasting your weekends or free time opening your home to potential buyers who are not serious about your property. By marketing your home on social media to the right target audience, I am able to pre-qualify potential buyers so you save time.

Here are some home tour videos I have done to market my clients' properties

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Get a Free Property Assessment 🏢

Up to 60 minutes • Worth of $500

  1. Go through your property goals and objectives, and the potential properties you are currently eyeing.
  2. Understand your current financial numbers and affordability.
  3. We will then shortlist the top properties with good appreciation potential.
  4. A step-by-step guide to selling your current property, buying your new property and moving in seamlessly.

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