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Your SG Property Hunter, Glenda Wee

Before entering the real estate industry, I came from a low-risk appetite family and used to have the mindset that purchasing a HDB as my first family home is the safest move.

Years later, as I ventured into real estate, I realised that if I had the guidance of a professional who could advise me on my first home-buying journey, I would have made a very different decision for myself and my young family with 3 kids. Eventually, armed with expert industry knowledge and good financial planning, I managed to upgrade my family to a private property with a safety net.

And now, having served more than 350 Singapore residents from all walks of life as a property agent for the past 9 years, nothing gives me more fulfilment than being able to do the same for other families, so that they can upgrade or right-size their homes, make good and safe investments with a suitable plan catered to their needs and goals, and ultimately retire comfortably.

I am currently an Associate Group Director in PropNex, a Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner since 2016 and I'm skilled in asset progression for families.

I have also received the SEAA's Salespersons Achievement Award (Platinum) 2020 and SEAA's Salespersons Achievement Award (Silver) 2021. Find out more about my sale records here.

I believe:

  • That a high level of integrity and professionalism are some of the most important values as a real estate agent, as clients' property sales and purchases are some of the major decisions they make in their lives. Guiding them to make the right decision can give them a huge advantage with an impact that can last for decades.
  • Making the right real estate investment can greatly improve my clients' lives, hence I would go above and beyond to give them the guidance, advice and recommendations that can make a difference.
  • In putting my clients' interests above my own. I value the trust they place in me and I believe in using my knowledge and expertise in real estate to help my clients achieve their goals in the long run.

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  3. We will then shortlist the top properties with good appreciation potential.
  4. A step-by-step guide to selling your current property, buying your new property and moving in seamlessly without paying ABSD.

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